Monday, August 31, 2009

the fires are burning around LA and it's late. about 2 weeks ago, while sitting in traffic on the LIE, i got a call from my atlanta gallery about a commision for the Palazzo Tower in las vegas. so i ended up having 4 96"x48" canvases made and delivered and flew out to LA to get down. that was august 19th. after 7 days and about 90 hours of work (given breaks for the pool) i've got 4 eight foot paintings standing in the studio, waiting to be picked up and i'm still trying to understand it all.

luck? the gods, finally smiling? a matter of time? who knows?

i do know this:

keep making work. go to the studio and lay it down. find a way to make the rent. find a way to make someone understand. keep in it. remember why it should happen. believe that there will be your moment. continue to fire up the dream. life doesn't always work for you. thats not what it's supposed to do. but sometimes, once in a very blue moon, it does...

and tomorrow, i will float in the pool and sip a cold mexican beer and remember just that.