Monday, April 21, 2008

well, its been a while... life. 

as for the nyc art world, the best thing that happened was the benefit for non objectif sud at gary snyder project space. a fine salon show, of smaller works, the notable standout being a modest sized piece by michael brennan. i must say, no bullshit, this small work by brennan was one of the strongest works i've seen this year. a very,very powerful painting-- hard edged precision met with (seemingly) spontaneous brushwork. just a gorgeous and profound statement.

in the studio i'm working drawings in pastel and charcoal. layers and layers of each, some rubbed out, some layers sanded away, etc... perhaps i'm actually searching for a monochrome or just stumbling upon one. i'm not sure... i do know that i've been seduced by the sheer space and scale of these drawings, not to mention the practice of making them. this is a new adventure for me, one i'm just going to ride out and see what happens. for good or ill...

ok, it's late enough. late enough to try to sleep...

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Anonymous said...

Looks I will be the first , who gives you comment. It was nice to read your blog.
You don't remember me but I remember you on you birthday, last year February, when you did 40 push-ups.
Anyway I just wanted to say hello.

wish the best

(Wayne Dobson's g-friend)