Friday, July 15, 2011

* so, fatherhood...

what is there to say that has not yet been said? cliches and stereotypes hold a certain power within the fact that they hold a certain truth. i am in the midst of the greatest endeavor of my life-- and it becomes so much more than that with each second of holding my daughter.

this morning, she opened her eyes to mine as i watched over her dreaming expressions. I WAS THE FIRST THING THAT SHE SAW TODAY... to say (merely) that i was moved, amazed, indeed, brought to tears by this actuality, would be an understatement of the rawest insensitivity...

Deegan Faith.

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Rico said...

It is all different now and forever, no? Welcome to the greatest art. I've no doubt you are just as amazing of a father as you are a painter.

But I still get bragging rights because I was doing it double time!

In all seriousness, enjoy each new moment. It only gets more amazing, humbling, faster and deeper.