Tuesday, March 6, 2012

* i've decided that i will not go into the Whitney debacle any further...
why? well, why the fuck not?
suffice to say that i'm in as good a place vibe-wise
and emotionally as ever-- great wife, awesome, brilliant baby,
making my own shit as good as i can. why should i bother with the negative?

why indeed?

well, it could be said that there should be someone
taking the fools to task for what has happened to culture.
maybe. maybe not... it won't do anything of note--
preaching to the choir is about as productive
as that afternoon nap i never get...

there is a shameless ease to the "work" of this ilk...
but thats so horribly obvious.
yeah, i might pop in as a "performance" myself.
but i doubt it... life is too short.

and life is way too fine to waste it on such rubbish.

* so a body of work completed. my photographer
(PJ Valentini, awesome talent, if you're in NYC contact me and i can set this shit up...)
comes friday to shoot. and then there will be the emails and the attachments
etc, etc... thats cool-- i've held up my end of the bargain.

the challenge of late has been to get away
from the constant refining and cleaning up of image.
to let things rest a bit- maybe give away some of the control
that may or may not have worked over the years.

for so long my art was a war and struggle
of the most ominous intent.
now that life is so joyous
perhaps the art should be as well?

i've no answers. just questions.
and i'm not even asking myself.
i'm showing up to do the work
and with a little grace and love
maybe something will come of it.

and if not?
fuck it...

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