Friday, December 14, 2012

i'm ashamed to be an american... that sums it up. this is a fucked up nation. a nation of rubes and functionaries and followers of baseball and christ. and i'm ashamed of it all. 2 people in love can't get married legally but a 20 year old can purchase side-arms at will...?? and there are those who will still preach that "guns don't kill people...". what the fuck killed them? a club?? no, guns. or a gun. or to paint a different picture a gun wielded by a maniac. either way, a gun was there-- it was the medium, perhaps the vehicle of the death of innocents... make no mistake, the gun was there.

we stand alone in the statistics of the world. more guns. more deaths. more tragedy...

can't we learn something from any of this?

for every redneck that touts freedom as an excuse for unchecked firepower,
there is a gross, tragic loss...
freedom has nothing to do with the reality
of the homicidal actions confronting us.

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