Friday, May 11, 2012

a good night of paint behind me... readying a few pieces for the show next week and made the first moves  on the diptych (48x77"). quite a few moves, as a matter of fact. god bless acrylics.

indeed... so, i've made this decision (again) to go with the size, scale and volume that most interests me-- i'm going big. why not? not to wax too completely old school NYC AB-EX, but why not? for me, now, this seems the logical step. coming off a year of strong sales and some great shows-- why not? in spite of, or, indeed, because of, fatherhood, the past few months have been hugely and profoundly creative (i say that beneath the irony of suffering my first ever "writers block".)... my time in the studio is solid, consistent in intensity and, at the very least, productive. the gesture is continuing to drive the work and my energy and that gesture, i find, needs space. and my arm needs space and my eye needs that same space... and?? well, yeah, this diptych started tonight and brought to a fucking beautiful place in development. there are moments when the brush moves and the paint is going on and on and it all works. all of it. and you rub some out and wipe out a bit and lay more paint on or maybe not and just look at the bloody thing and gasp at the wonder of it all-- this time of putting shit on canvas (or paper) and getting off so heavy- so heavy... and it works. the parts of the whole slide together and mesh and you have the basis for a serious, integrated painting.

a work of art...

my god, how wonderful.

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Cyndy Goldman Art Blog said...

all sounds right! i always enjoy your writing too! no blocks going on now.... keep it all rolling my friend.