Thursday, May 3, 2012

not sure what to write and sitting looking at old paintings of mine that hang above this table. a still-life in front of me of apples, pears and 2 bananas and a few limes... organic "puffs" for the baby and a sippy cup next to my camouflage cap; and an empty glass that should have vodka in it and might very soon.

there are periods of life that go so fast and so full that you can't catch a moment to figure out yesterday from today. it's been like that of late-- going and moving and making art and not sleeping and taking care of the awesome baby and trying to keep healthy and maybe times. no doubt.

* 10 days or so on the west coast was beautiful and necessary-- grandparents, sun (and rain), the pool the grill and the little studio under the orange tree. working hours in the morning and then back at it after dinner, late into the night or early morning. tones of gray, or grey... somber, maybe sad. buoyant, but some sense of shadow and a tragic lost dream... maybe not-- who knows? 3 pieces (60x48) that have been worked and re-worked for close to 6 years. and now? well, they look good to me. is that enough? yeah, i'd say it is...

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