Monday, September 22, 2008

dragged myself out of the studio to make the scene in chelsea once again... the 12 20x20's are coming along nicely. the possibility of a grid may or may not come about. we'll see. several stand very much alone, while a few are looking a bit like a suite of paintings... so, yeah, we'll

last thursday was a good night. 25th street was jammed with the usual hangers-on, the art world pros and the hopefuls. of special note was jay kelly at jim kempner fine art on 23rd street. i've seen kelly's work before-- small drawings on vellum; hermetic line and atmosphere spaced elegantly for such a small support. the word intimate comes to mind... this show also featured his new sculptural pieces, of a suitably minature stature, each about 5 to 6 inches high. there is a heavy surrealist bent to this art, most notably in the sculpture, but these are very pure statements by the artist-- not some vague reference to the past.

then the artist james austin murray and myself found ourselves in the half-king, at the end of the bar, appreciating the barmaid and toasting the evening with stella artois.

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