Monday, September 15, 2008

this day of training, and the rest of the week, will be dedicated to the memory of Evan Tanner-- warrior-poet, traveler, adventurer and seeker. Tanner was also a former UFC middleweight champion of the world. he died last week, in the desert of southern california. his body was found a week to this day. 

the sheriff said it was exposure to the elements.

and we are less because of this loss. 

Tanner was the real thing. i have been shaken to the core by this tragic news... but, perhaps, there is some poetry to this-- Rimbaud died running guns in africa...

as a man involved in pugilism and grappling of various forms, as well as the asian martial arts, the news  of Tanner's passing was painful. 

as an artist and man of letters, it was more so. 

i believe in saints. but the ones i believe in are never recognized...

i raise this glass of cold vodka to you, Evan.
many thanks...

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