Sunday, September 7, 2008

i never thought i'd be a part of the gentrification of LIC (a once great neighborhood in west queens, across the river from manhattan. it was once a small town, idependent of the CITY, you walked the streets and ran into people you knew, you went to the irish pub and ate and got drunk and the girls knew you so it was ok... you walked along vernon blvd. and always loved the view of the city but didn't think about it coming after you and then you get evicted for luxury condos and the world changes but not much and you end up in brooklyn and LIC and all the fun and all the rest seems long, long ago), but i guess i am now... i stood out on the balcony of an apartment along the river on the 26th floor and looked east to see the very window of my old factory loft studio in LIC. behind me, on the wall hung a 6x5 painting, birthed in that studio, long gone, but still, mere blocks away. it (the painting) had come home...

strange. strange indeed.... in any event, we ate a couple of rabbits and drank cote du rhone and now i have a commission for a piece for the dining room.

bruno said he liked to challenge me.
very well...
bring it on.

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